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Top 5 Best Steamers for Curtains in 2022

Pretty curtains can make a room look bright and elegant, but as pretty as they might be, when it comes to cleaning them, it’s nothing less than a drag.

How can something so beautiful cause so much frustration – but all hope is not lost. 

When I was contemplating how I could clean all the heavy curtains in my house, I took to the market to research the best appliances for the job.

From handheld quick heating steamers to huge heavy-duty steamers, I found the Conair Turbo Extreme to be the best pick out of all of them.

From there, I found the top 5 curtain steam cleaners to suit different needs like portability, weight, steam time, and power. 

At this point, you might be wondering what makes the Conair Steamer so unique. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

The Best Steamers For Curtains 2022 – Reviews

Curtains can be a handful to clean and are prone to collecting a lot of dust, allergens, and other unwanted critters if not taken care of properly.

The material of the curtains needs to be kept in mind while cleaning; certain materials require some love and care while cleaning, while others need super-hot temperatures to be cleaned.

Thick drapes can prove to be a nightmare in particular. 

All of this can be backbreaking work, and that is where one of the wonders of technology comes in. Steam cleaners reduce the effort you have to put in while giving the same neat and clean results, if not better. 

Check out our list of the best steamers for curtains below.

Conair Turbo Extreme – Editor’s Pick

Conair Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes, Turbo ExtremeSteam 1550W, Portable Handheld Design, Strong Penetrating Steam - Amazon Exclusive in Plum
  • Turbo Handheld Steamer: This steamer combines the performance of an iron with the power of steam to instantly smooth out wrinkles in clothing and upholstery while killing 99.9 percent of germs, dust mites and bed bugs.Wattage : 1550 watts
  • Easy To Use: This freestanding steamer features a 40 second heat up and a 7.3 ounce water tank for up to 15 minutes of continuous steam; Quilted aluminum steamer plate and built in creaser perform like an iron for a fresh pressed look
  • 3 In 1 Attachment: Includes a silicone band to pull fabric taut for better results, a delicate fabric spacer to protect trims and fine fabrics, and a bristle brush to ensure steam penetrates fibers for a perfect press, even on heavy fabrics
  • Conair Fabric Steamers: Our fabric steamers keep your garments, upholstery, curtains and other home textiles smooth and fresh; Check out entire line including handheld, upright and travel steamers
  • Innovative Garment Care: From fabric shavers and traditional irons to garment steamers, both handheld and full size/upright, we make high quality garment care tools for all users

The first on our list isn’t big in size, but it sure does pack a punch. Its design and ease of use practically scream convenience to your face. 

At a glance, Conair Turbo Extreme’s compact frame of 7.3-ounces might not look very powerful, but it’s powered by a 1875W power supply, which blows the competition out of the water. 

Its massive power supply and dual-slotted ceramic soleplate are directly responsible for its super-hot steam, which is double the amount compared to its competitors. Also, it only heats up in a mere 40-seconds.

However, while powerful, its 7-ounce water tank only provides 15 mins of steam action, which isn’t a lot, but being lightweight works to make it more portable. 

It comes with five settings, ranging from low to turbo, with turbo being the highest. Hitting the turbo button will take care of the thickest of curtains as it’ll churn out super-hot steam, which will penetrate all the way through.

Water will run out faster if you’re going ham with the turbo mode, so you have to lose some to win some. 

One key thing to note is that this little extreme cleaning machine only takes in distilled water.

Another reason why I liked this steamer was due to its disinfecting capabilities.

When you’re hitting bacteria, allergens, and mites with such high temperatures, there is no doubt that your curtains and drapes come out clean and 99% disinfected. 

Like everything in life, things tend to balance themselves out. In this case, its super-long 12-foot power cord made this an even sweeter deal. 

Last but not least, its 3-in-1 attachments. The bristle brush really shines with thick curtains and drapes as it helps spread the fibers. 

Whereas, the fabric spacer works like a charm if you have curtains made out of delicate fabric and the silicon band is a must-have as it makes the whole experience much easier.

All the accessories are of excellent quality, and you’ll find yourself using them more and more as you see the results they give you.

In the end, you can simply wrap the power cord around it and put it back on the shelf since it doesn’t take much space and comes with a built-in stand. Conair really went for the kill with this steamer.


  • Super hot steam with five output settings
  • Heats up in 40 seconds
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Lengthy 12-foot power cord
  • 1875W Heating element


  • Small water tank 
  • Slightly heavy for a handheld steamer
  • Distilled water is required for the best results

Hilife Steamer – Runner Up

Hilife Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Design, 240ml Big Capacity, 700W, Strong Penetrating Steam, Removes Wrinkle, for Home, Office and Travel
  • [Easy to Use] This 700W steamer generates gentle, long-lasting steam and has a 9- foot power cord, so you'll never have to worry about operating it remotely and you can iron clothes from a distance.
  • [Portable]This garment steamer is portable and lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. This travel steamer is compact enough to fit in any suitcase or carry-on luggage.
  • [Large Tank]It has a water-holding capacity of 240 ml and can provide up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming to eliminate wrinkles flawlessly.
  • [Strong Penetrating Steam] This steamer creates strong penetrating steam and can be used for a wide range of fabrics (chiffon/silk/wool/cotton/linen/nylon, etc.).
  • [Power Requirement] Hilife Garment Steamer only use in 110-120V countries and regions such as the US, Canada, Japan. However, Plugging into a 220V-240V or not 110-120V outlet will damage the product

If your goal is to purchase a budget handheld steamer for your curtains or drapes, then look no further – this is it!

One of my favorite aspects about the Hilife steamer was how quickly it heated up and got to work, especially when you’re lacking the motivation to do anything. 

The Hilife steamer heats up in only one minute, and filling it up to its total 240ML capacity doesn’t take long either. You simply remove the nozzle, fill it up, turn it on, and 60-seconds later, you’re cleaning. 

One fill will output about 15 minutes of powerful steam, but if you have a lot of curtains, you might find yourself refilling the steamer multiple times.

Weighing in at only 1.7 lbs, you can rest easy that it won’t tax your arms or shoulders during your cleaning crusade.

Its lengthy 9.2 ft power cord also makes maneuvering around the house easier without it getting in the way or having to change the socket frequently. 

Despite its small size, it boasts a 700W power supply which is responsible for its high-temperature steam. That takes care of any bacteria, allergens, or tiny critters that might’ve made themselves comfortable in your curtains or drapes. 

It’ll be accompanied by 1 cup, 1 brush, and a power cord. The brush will help you out in the cleaning process and give the curtains a nice and even look.

However, according to many reviewers, the cup came broken. If this happens to you, you’ll have to use something else to fill up the water tank.

Hilife should really look into this; faulty accessories speak volumes about the company’s quality standard. 

Other than that, the Hilife steamer proved to be an absolute delight to use — quick setup, powerful steam ensures germ-free curtains without using any chemicals and easy storage.


  • Super lightweight
  • Powerful steam
  • Lengthy power cord
  • Easy setup and storage


  • The measuring cup might come broken or cracked
  • Little occasional water spill when cleaning

Jiffy J-4000D Drapery Steamer – Best for Extreme Cleaning

J-4000D Jiffy Drapery Steamer with Plastic Steam Head and 7.5 Foot Hose Attachment, 120 Volt
  • 1500 watt incoloy heating element (120 volt for North America use only)
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Preheat and Steam Settings
  • 2 Hour steam time per filling
  • 7.5-foot hose with high impact plastic 6-inch wide steam head

I wish I could make a pun about how the Jiffy J-4000D will get your cleaning done in a jiffy, but this big boy takes about 15-minutes to heat up and before you think that’s too much, hear me, it’ll output two whole hours of scorching steam.

Since it’s a commercial steamer, it might be overkill for your everyday cleaning unless you’re really fond of cleaning.

Fortunately, this makes it ideal for restaurants, cafes, offices, shops, and any small to medium-sized businesses!

Being a full-sized steamer, it leans more towards the heavier side, approximately 25.8 lbs. Its absolutely massive water tank can hold 1 gallon of water and will give you the aforementioned two hours of non-stop steam.

That means you can get all your cleaning done in one go without going for refills, and that is a massive plus point in my book.

The fact that this steamer has a 1500W heating element is even better; this means a really powerful cleaning experience. 

It comes with a steam head, hose, rod set, funnel, and an assembly wrench.

It has a 7.5-foot hose that shines since it can easily reach the top of the curtains. However, you have to be careful about one thing, the hose might accumulate water if not held upright for too long.

While all the accessories are of good build quality and work fine, the 6-inch steam head is what you need to focus on. 

The steam head has two variants, plastic, and metal, from which you can choose between.

The metal head retains more heat at the price of weighing more. The plastic head works as any other conventional steam head.

The J-4000D has steam settings and a water level gauge which can be used to check
for water level and dirt buildup. One thing to note is that due to its size, you will need designated storage space for it.


  • A massive water tank gives you two hours of steady steam
  • Steam settings and water gauge
  • Excellent build quality 
  • 1500W power supply


  • Water might build up in the hose if not held upright 
  • Might experience occasional leaking

Rowenta DR8120 – Best Handheld Option

Coming in at number 3, the Rowenta DR8120 gives the Conair Turbo Extreme a run for its money. 

Powered by 1600W of power, this is the second most powerful steamer on our list. It weighs 1.36 kg and boasts a 6.76-ounce water tank.

One thing shared by the two dueling handheld steamers is that they both heat up in only 40 seconds, and the Rowenta has an output of 26 grams of steam per minute. One full water tank will give you a stable supply of hot steam for around 10-minutes

With no fear of water spilling from it, you can tilt it however you want while cleaning.

Moving on, we have its long 9.84 ft power cord. This will make moving around the house easier with this in hand. 

One plus point it has over the Conair steamer is that it can take tap water, which can prove to be very efficient and save you from buying distilled water. 

Its power settings are pretty straightforward, delicate and turbo. The delicate mode for light or thin fabrics will be more than enough to clean through and through.

However, if you have thick curtains that have accumulated a lot of dirt over time, turbo is the way to go. This mode utilizes all 1600W of power. This will output super hot steam that will clean all the way through your drapes. 

If you feel like you need a little help dealing with your stubborn curtains, then you’ll love the accessories that come with this steamer.

The fabric brush made quick work of thick and stubborn curtains; it helps loosen the fabric so that the steam can reach all the way through.

The steam bonnet, on the other hand, is made for light materials such as lace.

It redirects the steam to protect the sensitive material while guaranteeing a nice clean outcome. The over-the-door hook and crease attachment are also an excellent addition.

If you feel like steaming your pants and giving them an extra crisp finish, then the crease attachment will make you really happy, and you can use the over-the-door hook to keep it nice and elevated while you work on it.


  • Heats up quickly 
  • Lengthy cord 
  • Easy storage 
  • 1600W power 
  •  Works with tap water


  • Heavy for a handheld steam cleaner
  • Small water tank

Manvi Travel Garment Steamer – Best lightweight Option

As the name implies, this is a travel garment steamer, which is light and small enough to accompany you on your travels.

Featuring a total weight of 1.8 lbs and having an ergonomic design, this steamer is definitely for you if you have light curtains and don’t have a lot of cleaning to do.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to fire up this bad boy, having one of the fastest heat-up times I’ve personally seen – only 25-seconds. Quickly scroll and like an Instagram post, look back, and you’re ready to clean.

You read that right, this steamer becomes operational in no time. You only need to fill up the tank that pops out very easily and holds a total of 100ML water. 

A 6 ft power cord will give you a good enough reach though it might not be a lot if you have a lot of curtains around the house.

You will most likely need to change the outlet, but since it’s so light and easy to carry, that won’t really be an issue.

Having 900w of power, this will give you 10-minutes of steady steam, which can be used to clean curtains or drapes made out of any material. 

The dust brush attachment that comes in the box will also help you to remove any extra dust build-up in your curtains.

Other than that, a measuring cup, a folding clothes hanger, and a portable bag will also be included.

So storing this little steamer won’t be a problem, its box will be enough, and if you have to carry it with you, the portable bag will do the job just fine.

One feature that I absolutely loved about this steamer was the fact that you can use it at any angle you want, without spilling any water.

With the help of its pump steam technology, you can use this steamer at 360°. That just takes its ease of use through the roof.

Another neat aspect of this steamer was its auto-turn-off feature.

After 2 minutes of inactivity, it’ll automatically turn off, helping you save on electricity and water. Then, simply move it again to turn it on, and you’re back to cleaning.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Ease of storage
  • Auto turn-off functionality
  • 360° degree use
  • Superfast heat-up 


  • Small water tank

How To Steam Clean Curtains 

To ensure that you get the best outcome and cleaning experience, follow these simple steps and thank me later.

Step 1: Vacuum

The first step is to vacuum your curtains or drapes to get rid of extra dust and lint.

Step 2: Ready your steam cleaner

If your steam cleaner is a full-sized one, then it might need to be put together.
If you have a handheld steamer, then this process is radically simplified.

Just fill the water tank up with tap or distilled water, depending on the steamer you
have, and wait for it to heat up before you start cleaning.

Step 3: Adjust your steam settings

Depending on the fabric of your curtains, you might need to adjust the settings of your steamer.

For light fabrics, use the low or delicate settings, and for more rough and thick materials, feel free to crank up the settings.

Step 4: Steam clean your curtains

Start from the top of the curtain and slowly move down. Next, divide your curtains into multiple columns and repeat this process for each one. 

It’s recommended that you hold the nozzle about 6-inches away from the fabric. However, the seams might require some extra attention, so feel free to close that distance to help the steam penetrate all the way through.

Repeat the same process on the other side of the curtain.

Step 5: Air drying

Once you’ve steam cleaned your curtain, spread them out and let them air dry. You can also take them off and put them outside to quicken this process.


Which Is the Best Steamer for Curtains?

The Conair Turbo Extreme is the best steamer for curtains available on the market. 

Despite being small in size, it has a powerful heating element, coupled with a 40-second heat-up time, making it the go-to choice. In addition, the super-long 12 ft power cord makes your reach and maneuverability flawless. 

The accessories are also nothing to scoff at, the brush will help you clean those thick dust-filled drapes, while the fabric spacer will treat your delicate curtains with the gentle touch they deserve.

Moreover, you can use all these accessories on other clothed items should you wish to do that. Therefore, there will be no discrimination from the Conair Turbo Extreme

I’ve listed all the steamers that I think are the best for curtains, so enjoy exploring and finding the perfect fit for you!

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