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The Best Multipurpose Steam Cleaners of 2022

To find out the best multipurpose steam cleaner on the market, I tested several products until I gathered my list of the top five steamers. 

As a homeowner myself, I know how hard cleaning your whole house can be.

Sure, you can vacuum and mop for everyday cleaning, but for deep cleaning your home一removing stains from your carpets, ovens, mattresses, floors, and even your car seats一you need a multipurpose steam cleaner.

That’s why you need to check out the steam cleaners mentioned below.

Each steam cleaner has its unique point, which is why I can’t recommend only one steamer; some are excellent for hard floors, like the Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe, while some are great for cleaning up after pets like the Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off.

However, whichever one you choose, you’ll end up with a great cleaning assistant!

Top 5 Multipurpose Steam Cleaners of 2022

Steam cleaners work by rapidly heating water to an ideal temperature for getting rid of germs, bacteria, viruses, stains, and other organic growth.

Steam cleaners are beloved worldwide because a single machine can quickly clean the whole house and outdoors. Check out our recommendations for the best steam cleaners in the market and why you need one today!

Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam – Editor’s Choice

Bissell Powerfresh Slim Steam best multipurpose steam cleaner overall

Nothing says multipurpose better than the Bissell PowerFresh Steamer. This innovative steam cleaner combines a handheld steam cleaner with a mop through a long surface cleaner attachment.

Now, you can clean both on and above your floors!

With most steamers, even after steam cleaning, you still have to bring out a mop or rag to wipe away the residue, however, with this, you can simply use the attachments instead of purchasing new items.

In addition, the mop has two replaceable and machine-washable microfiber pads to suit different surfaces. 

Since it’s equipped with ergonomic hand controls, you can adjust the steam temperature and pause the cleaner any time in between cleaning. Need to pick up items from your path during cleaning?

Just pause the cleaner, clear the way, and then get right back to cleaning!

Like most cleaners, it has the usual attachments like a flat scraper and grout brush and a unique garment steamer.

From your mattress, floors, and walls to cleaning up ceiling fans, ovens, car seats, and clothes, this steamer is the ideal multipurpose steamer that everyone can benefit from!

While this is an excellent steamer, like all things, it does have qualities that some say not like. According to a few reviewers, this steamer makes a ticking noise when switched on, which a few people may find irritating.

Besides that, this steamer is on the heavier side, according to reviews, so carrying it for extended periods could strain your arms. 

Pros of the Bissell PowerFresh Steamer

  • 3-in-1 steamer so you can steam and mop with the same machine
  • It has a swivel steering feature, so you can easily maneuver the steamer through the furniture and reach into small spaces 
  • It has an on-board toolset so you’ll never misplace the accompanying accessories
  • Ergonomic handles which tell you when the steamer is heated up and ready to use 
  • It comes with a wall-mount for easy storage

Cons of the Bissell PowerFresh Steamer

  • Some reviewers commented about it producing a knocking sound while operating, which can be irritating to some
  • Some reviewers also commented about it being too heavy

Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner – Best Lightweight Option

The Dupray Neat Steam

For people who like to keep it simple, this is one of the best lightweight and easy-to-use steamers on the market.

Coming in at only a little over 8 pounds and 10.5 x 10.5 x 19.5 inches in size, this steamer makes for easy storage plus, with its small size, you can squeeze it in numerous places while cleaning.

However, don’t disregard it for its compact build, this steaming beast provides up to 50 minutes of steam per fill-up. 

This multipurpose steamer can be used on various surfaces and items like furniture, floors, toys, car interiors, mattresses, bathroom tiles, ovens, kitchen appliances, pet beds, and more.

With high-pressure steam that can reach up to 275ºF, this kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, organic growth, germs, and removes dust, lint, and grout. 

With the smooth-rolling wheels attached to it, you can say goodbye to wrist and back pain! This is also perfect for anyone suffering from joint pain.

Instead of lifting and carrying it, you can simply wheel this steamer room-to-room for the ideal, clean home environment!

There’s very little to dislike about this steamer, but a thing I didn’t like was that it doesn’t have a water level indicator.

This means that there’s a good chance you’ll overfill its tank and cause spills. This isn’t a big deal, of course, you can simply clean that up, but it’s not ideal if you’re in a rush. 

Pros of the Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner

  • It has an impressive 17-piece add-on kit, which includes three microfibre pads, a floor tool, window tool, extension tubes, and nylon brushes
  • With a 16’ power cord, you won’t have to alternate between switches while cleaning
  • A large capacity tank of 1600 ml gives you 50 minutes of super-heated steam
  • Easily gets rid of stubborn pet stains

Cons of the Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner

  • It does not have a water level indicator, so it’s easy to overfill, which can cause spills
  • Because of the shape, it’s not easy to empty the water tank. Some reviewers did complain about water present in the tank even after flipping over the steamer

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – Best for Ovens

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner with 18 Accessories, Extra-Long Power Cord, Chemical-Free Pressurized Cleaning for Most Floors, Counters, Appliances, Windows, Autos, and More, Yellow/Grey
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Backed by a 2-year hassle-free warranty and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS.Watts:1500. Volts:120V. Amps-12.5
  • CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING - Naturally deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals using hot, pressured steam to eliminate grease, grime, and stains from a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile, grout, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, appliances, grills, autos, and more
  • LARGE CAPACITY TANK - The 48-ounce water tank heats up in under 8 minutes and provides up to 45 minutes of steam with optional lockable steam trigger for continuous steam cleaning
  • 18 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES - Equipped for steam cleaning jobs in and around your home including a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, scrub pad, squeegee, and more
  • SUPERIOR REACH - An extra-long 15. 7-foot power cord and over 9-foot steam hose provide added maneuverability and reach for those hard to get to places

The McCulloch MC1275 is one of the best multipurpose steamer options for people who own an oven or grill.

So if your love language is food and you enjoy grilling the perfect steak or baking the chocolate cake, that is the end to all chocolate cakes, you need this steamer!

Any good home cook knows the importance of keeping their cooking gadgets and utensils clean, and ovens and grills are no exceptions.

With this steam cleaner, you get a heavy-duty 48 oz water tank that gives you 45 minutes of powerful steam.

McCulloch MC1275 best multipurpose steam cleaner for ovens

The super hot, 200ºF steam not only cleans grease stains and loosens up burnt food, but also sanitizes the interior, putting an end to all germs and harmful bacteria.

Be warned though, like the Dupray NEAT steamer, this also doesn’t have a water level indicator, so brace yourself for inevitable spills. 

Along with that, the 18-piece accessories kit includes nylon and brass brushes, a mop head and stick extension, and different nozzles making additional cleaning quick and easy.

The jet nozzle add-on makes spot cleaning a breeze, and with the brushes, you can get rid of all the stubborn stains and grime in your oven or grill.

Compared to other steamers, the accessories aren’t the highest quality, but looking at the price and all the work you get from it makes this point negligible. 

Be it a special day like a Sunday roast, a thanksgiving meal, a summer BBQ, or even everyday cooking, this steamer will make clean-up a breeze! 

Pros of the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

  • It has a large water tank for extended steam cleaning
  • Smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move this steamer without the need for carrying it
  • It comes with 18 useful cleaning accessories

Cons of the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

  • It does not have a water level indicator, so it’s easy to overfill the water tank
  • The brushes aren’t of the best quality, so you need to change them after a few uses

Bissell PowerFresh Lift Off Steam Mop – Best for Pets

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Bathroom, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1544A, Orange
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..Power Source : Battery Powered
  • A Safer And Easier Way To Clean Homes With Pets. No Need To Use Harsh Chemicals On Your Floors
  • The Lift-Off Pet Model Features A 2-In-1 Steam Mop, Allowing You To Tackle Pet Messes Both On And Above Your Floors
  • The Lift-Off Pet Model Includes 13 Versatile Tools For Use With The Handheld Steam Cleaner; Heater Warm-Up Time: 30 Seconds
  • Eliminate 99. 9% Of Germs And Bacteria With The Natural Power Of Steam. Power Rating : 1500 Watts

The Bissell PowerFresh Lift Off is a 2-in-1 steam cleaner, which is perfect for cleaning all over your house, but especially pet messes.

As a pet owner myself, this is one of the steamers that most appealed to me. Our fur babies can be a handful to clean up after, and every little assistance goes a long way. 

This handheld steamer comes with a mop attachment, which is perfect for any mess your pets make.

Along with that, it also has other attachments to remove pet hair, stains from carpets, mattresses, floors, and furniture, as well as removing foul odor from your home. 

Bissell Powerfresh lift-off Steam mop

But, even if you don’t have a furry friend, this multipurpose steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning other surfaces and gadgets as well.

With a powerful1600W flash heating system that can heat water in under 30 seconds, you’ll be cleaning away in no time.

One thing to note about this steamer is that the water tank is on the small side. This is excellent for spot cleaning but I wouldn’t recommend it for big houses or if you don’t want to make frequent refill runs.

Besides that, similar to our favorite BISSELL PowerFresh Slim Steam, this steamer also has a swivel feature for easy mopping as well as a steam control function, so you’ll be the judge of how hot the temperature should be.

Pros of the Bissell PowerFresh Lift Off Steam Mop

  • It comes with 13 different attachments to clean everything; from your windows, floors, furniture, upholstery, carpets, and mattresses to ovens, grills, car seats, and steaming carpets
  • You can manually control the steam temperature to suit different surfaces and materials 
  • The swivel feature helps with guiding the steamer through furniture and to squeeze in difficult to clean surfaces

Cons of the Bissell PowerFresh Lift Off Steam Mop

  • It has a small water tank, only 13.5 oz, which isn’t the biggest compared to other steam cleaners. Unfortunately, this means you won’t get much steam time in one fill-up. 

BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe – Ideal for Bathrooms

Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner with Natural Sanitization, Multi-Surface Tools Included to Remove Dirt, Grime, Grease, and More, 39N7V
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Clean and Sanitize with the Power of Steam. 100 watts of steam power from a variety of hard surfaces.
  • On-Demand Steam Trigger. Control the amount of high-pressure, high-temperature steam.
  • Cleaning Tools Included. Comes with seven multi-surface cleaning tools: jet nozzle, (3) color-coded round bristle brushes, grout tool, flat scraper tool, and angle concentrator tool.
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning. Uses water only, 100% natural cleaning is safe for kids and pets.

I don’t know about you, but the bathroom is the one space I dread cleaning.

For one, it takes so long一cleaning up the bathtub, wiping the mirrors, washing the toilet and sink, and sanitizing the whole space.

So don’t wait as I did and make your life easier by getting this steam cleaner today to quickly clean and sanitize your bathroom! 

Bissell SteamShot Deluxe multipurpose steam cleaner

This steamer has a compact, lightweight frame and features an easy-to-press trigger to prevent finger fatigue, a 6.6-ounce tank, a 20-foot power cord, and 10 versatile cleaning accessories.

With the numerous accessories, you can clean up floors, bathrooms, windows, car seats, mattresses, kitchen gadgets, and even steam garments. 

While it is a multipurpose steamer, it’s more suited for hard surfaces, according to the manufacturer.

So, I wouldn’t recommend using this on upholstery or curtains. But, this is perfect if you want a steamer for your bathrooms, kitchen, or floors.  

With its window squeegee, you can clean both the bathroom windows and mirrors, and with the scrubbing brushes, your bathtub, drains, and taps won’t know what hit them!

Pros of the BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe

  • It has an accompanying measuring cup so you won’t ever overfill the water tank
  • Ten valuable add-ons that make all kinds of cleaning easy
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to carry and store

Cons of the BISSELL Steam Shot Deluxe

  • Small-sized water tank, so you’ll need to make constant refills while cleaning
  • Some reviewers have complained about it not being the most powerful

Buying Guide for the Best Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

Now that we’ve covered our top picks for steam cleaners, let’s discuss what you need to look for in a steam cleaner. Whenever you go shopping, keep the following factors in mind.

Water Tank Capacity

All steam cleaners have a water tank attached, where water is stored until it’s turned onto steam.

The larger the water tank is, the longer you’ll go between refills. Go for a steamer that has a large water tank or can offer at least 40 minutes of steam, otherwise, most of your time will be spent refilling rather than cleaning.

Accompanying Attachments

Every steam cleaner comes with numerous attachments, but this often impacts the price. Most steamers offer between 4 to 20 attachments, with more expensive models offering more attachments.

However, if you’re in search of a steamer for different kinds of cleaning, the more attachments, the more versatile the cleaner will be. 

Weight and Size

Steamers come in all shapes and sizes.

Handheld steam cleaners are more compact and weigh less, however, this also means they’re best for spot cleaning or cleaning smaller areas.

However, if you want a steamer for deep cleaning your whole house, a larger steamer would be better.


This should be your number one consideration when deciding on a steam cleaner. The most expensive steamer doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be reliable or durable.

However, professional-grade steamers from renowned companies aren’t often cheap but prove beneficial in the long run.

Don’t fall prey to highly cheap steamers, as they’re often not the most effective. Do check out the reviews before purchasing. 


Most steamers from well-known brands come with a few years warranty. While it isn’t difficult to maintain and clean a steam cleaner, make sure to check out the warranty before buying. 

This is especially for first-time steam cleaner owners. 

My Top Pick

If I had to pick the best multipurpose steam cleaner from the bunch, it must be the Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam.

With the features, accessories, and the price you get everything in, this winning first place for me is a no-brainer. However, the other steamer’s we’ve listed are excellent in their own way. 

Nevertheless, whichever steam cleaner you choose to go with, you’re in for a world of ease and a squeaky clean home!