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The Best Vacuum Steam Mops for Easy Cleaning – Vacuum Mop Guide 2022

To make my cleaning journey easier, I’ve researched a ton to find the best vacuum steam mops on the market.

All the steamers serve a different purpose, hence, they are best in their ways; you have the Bissell Crosswave PetPro for cleaning up after pets, ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1 as one of the best robot vacuum mops, and many more that I’ve listed in the guide below.

As a homeowner who loves a spotless home, I find cleaning fulfilling but tiring. Luckily, we now have two-in-one—even three-in-one—cleaning gadgets.

So, instead of spending hours cleaning with various equipment, get a vacuum steam mop instead, and spend your hours relaxing!

You could argue that your house doesn’t require frequent cleaning, but according to experts, you need to mop hard floors at least once a week.

So, why not make life easy? There are plenty of vacuum mop steamers on the market, and I’ve curated a list of the best for you. So, grab a cup of coffee and read on ahead!

Review of the Top 5 Vacuum Steam Mop Combos 

Bissell CrossWave Cordless  – Editor’s Choice

BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, Black/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..Voltage:36 volts
  • VACUUM & WASH AT THE SAME TIME. Combine floor cleaning chores with cordless freedom.
  • 36V LITHIUM-ION BATTERY. Provides up to 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power.
  • IMPROVED EDGE CLEANING. Easily pick up pet hair that gathers along baseboards and in corners of your home.
  • WIFI CONNECTED CAPABILITIES. Works with the BISSELL Connect app to provide helpful alerts, maintenance tracking and usage tips, plus formula and accessory reordering made easy with Amazon Dash Replenishment.

I think we’ve all had horrible food spills at least once in our life— spilling fries, dropping drinks, or bowls of soup or cereal slipping from our hands. Most are easy to clean, but cereals, soup, ramen, etc., are a royal pain.

But with the Bissell CrossWave Cordless vacuum mop combo, cleaning such messes is the easiest thing in the world!

This cleaner’s innovative build can vacuum, wash, and dry simultaneously! This means you won’t have to vacuum the liquid before removing the hard food bits, as the Bissell Crosswave does both jobs at the same time. 

Not only that, this powerful machine seamlessly switches between surfaces with its digital fingertips’ controls, making it easier for you to move from hard floors to area rugs within seconds. 

The best part about this is that it has a separation between clean and dirty water storage.

Imagine cleaning up spilled soup. This cleaner scrubs away the dirty liquid and swoops it in, in one compartment while releasing clean water from the other, all the while making sure both liquids don’t mix.

Of course, innovation can’t be all perfect now. The Bissell CrossWave Cordless cleaner does have a few shortcomings; for one, it’s on the pricier side, and according to some reviewers the dirt collector is hard to clean and ends up getting blocked from the dust.

But, if you compare all the usage you get from this cleaner, these disadvantages are almost negligible.  

Pros of the Bissell CrossWave Max

  • This is perfect for deep cleaning 
  • It saves you time as it can vacuum and mop at the same time
  • Ideal for picking up large scraps and litter. Since it sucks them up, it eliminates the problem of the dirt, dust, or waste scattering around the floor
  • Fingertip control allows for easy switching between surfaces

Cons of the Bissell CrossWave Max

  • Pricey
  • It has a long recharge time
  • The dirt collector is hard to clean

Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo – Best Handheld Vacuum Steam Mop

Vapamore MR 50

The Vapamore MR-50 vac-mop combo is the best handheld option for spot cleaning on this list. 

Every household needs this since spills and dirt are inevitable—children drop food and drinks, pets shed hair and cause a mess, we adults are no better, and most importantly, every house gathers dust, lint, and dirt.

With this handy, portable vac-mop, you can clean up any mess within seconds.

What I like best about it is that there are two different modes for vacuuming and steaming. This steamer produces 210-degree Fahrenheit steam that quickly gets rid of all organic waste and dust, and all done in a chemical-free way!

It even comes with added accessories like a carpet and upholstery brush. 

While the steam option is impressive, it uses up a lot of water, meaning anything you’ll clean with it will require a few hours to dry. Also, this being handheld and cordless results in it not being the most powerful.

However, as a handheld steam vac-mop combo, I give this steamer combo a solid grade!

Pros of the Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo

  • Easily removes stubborn stains
  • Ideal for spot cleaning
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Offers chemical-free and natural cleaning

Cons of the Vapamore MR-50 Steamer Vacuum Combo

  • It doesn’t offer prolonged cleaning time 
  • Some reviewers have complained about this vac-mp combo being very slow and requiring a few rounds to clean properly

Bissell Crosswave PetPro – Best Vacuum Steam Mop for Carpeted Homes, Rugs, and Pets

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2306A
  • EVERY PURCHASE SAVES PETS. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • VACUUM AND WASH AT THE SAME TIME. Makes everyday pet mess cleaning quick and easy.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING. Safe and effective for use on tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more.
  • PICK UP PET MESSES. CrossWave Pet Pro multi-surface cleaner comes with a Tangle-Free Brush Roll, Pet Hair Strainer and PET Multi-Surface Formula with Febreze Freshness.
  • HASSLE-FREE CLEAN. Minimize pet hair from wrapping around the brush roll, separate large debris from the liquid to reduce sink clogging with the pet hair strainer and reduce pet odors, all in one clean

Much like the original Bissell Crosswave, this offers similar features, but it’s unique in the way that it’s made to clean up after pets, on rugs, and light carpeted areas.

This is surprising because most vac-mops advise keeping away from delicate areas, but not Bissel CrossWave PetPro!

This corded machine has a 14.5-ounce dirt canister and a 28-ounce water tank, making deep cleaning a breeze. Along with that, it also has a tangle-free brush roll, pet hair strainer, and a microfiber and nylon brush to tackle pet messes and clean up all kinds of hair and lint.

Now, you no longer have to worry about your guests sitting in dog or cat hair!

It doesn’t just stop there. It also has an innovative pet cleaning solution that eliminates all pet odors and reduces the risk of allergens. 

This machine, however, is loud, but we pet owners can get used to that. If you have a pet, this vac-mop will change your life!

Pros of the Bissell Crosswave PetPro

  • It has a water and dirt tank with large capacities
  • Easily cleans up after pets and removes pet odor
  • It has a handy swivel head, which makes this vac-mop easy to maneuver around the house
  • Two tank technology aids in cleaning and makes cleaning of this vacuum mop combo easy

Cons of the Bissell Crosswave PetPro

  • According to some reviewers, this is loud when operating 

Roborock S7+ – Top Robot 

roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop Cleaner with Washable Filter (x2)
  • Auto-Empty Dock Support: The Auto-Empty Dock empties the robot automatically after cleanup, so you can clean without emptying, for up to eight weeks.
  • Sonic Vibration Technology: Sonic floor mopping technology scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute. Removing dried-on dirt that some robots may leave behind, from mud to coffee and more.
  • Multi-Layer Air Filtration: Keep dirt inside the dock an onboard filtration system capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. A quick pull of the dust bag seals it shut, ready for instant disposal.
  • Maintenance once every 2 weeks, remove and rinse, gently tapping to remove any dirt. 6-12 months recommended replacement.
  • Effective air-tight sealing minimizes loss of air pressure and maintains powerful suction.

Easily the most expensive option on my list, which will make you wonder if you even need it. But, trust me, you do! This innovative vac-mop robot is one of the few robots that can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Most hybrid robots altogether avoid carpeted areas when cleaning. Manufacturers even advise keeping them away from rugs or carpets, but not the Roborock S7+.

While cleaning, if this intelligent robot comes across carpets, it automatically lifts its mop cloth and continues cleaning without damaging the carpets or rugs.

Besides that, this also has an excellent battery life, good vacuum suction power, a self-emptying dirt tank, and avoids obstacles like it has eyes. This is the almost perfect cleaning robot.

The only shortcomings are that it’s expensive and doesn’t work with a cleaning solution, so it will not sanitize your floors. But even without the sanitizing feature, it’s fantastic at cleaning and will not let up till your floors shine.

This is the perfect robot cleaner for homeowners on the go. Get this cleaning pal to help out with your bustling lifestyle!

Pros of the Roborock S7+

  • Vacuums and mops at the same time
  • Has a built-in HEPA air filtration 
  • Hardly ever gets stuck
  • Has various mop scrubbing levels
  • Supports schedules, virtual boundaries, different maps, and zone cleaning
  • Auto empty base

Cons of the Roborock S7+

  • Pricy
  • Does not sanitize while cleaning 

ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1 – Best Budget-friendly Robot 

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Daily Schedule, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet.
  • 【Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo】: Sweeping system provides a powerful suction in vacuum mode, mopping system with intelligent control water tank. One Robot, Two option.
  • 【Enhanced Motor】:Quiet, but still powerful.It can easily and efficiently collect debris, hair and dirt.
  • 【Unique Suction Inlet】: The unique suction structure ensures that pet hair and dirt go into the dustbin easily which makes the V5s pro great for pet owners.
  • 【Endurance Cleaning】: Lasts up to 110 minutes of work, automatically docks and charges, and is always prepare to clean the floor.
  • 【Multiple Cleaning Modes】: Easy to handle different cleaning tasks. Auto mode: maximizing cleaning coverage; Spot mode: specific small area; Max mode: intensive cleaning; Edge mode: concentration on edges and corners.

The ILife V5s Pro is one of the most convenient and affordable robot cleaners on the market. If you’re hesitant because of the low price, don’t be, the quality of this vac-mop robot is impeccable. 

ILife V5s has two modes; vacuum and mop. With the vacuum, it will suck up debris, dirt, lint, pet hair, and dust from not only floors but rugs and low-pile carpets too.

After it’s done with that, you can install the water tank and mop cloth, set the cleaning schedule, and that’s it – the robot will do the rest. 

What I like the most about it is its design; it has a slim disc design that prevents it from getting stuck between furniture, so you can pretty much leave it alone and get other stuff or chores done in the meantime. 

The only issues that a few users have complained about are that since the robot is low on the ground, it struggles with surface change, e.g., moving from hardwood floor to a carpeted area and that its dust tank is on the smaller side, so it gets full quite quickly. 

Other than these, there’s very little to complain about. This is the perfect robot cleaner for small homes, small families, and first-time robot cleaner purchasers. Get this inexpensive little cleaning gadget that’s both fun and easy to use!

Pros of the ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1

  • Has an automatic charging feature. Meaning if you put the charging dock in an open area, the robot will find it and charge itself without assistance
  • It has an in-built anti-drop sensor that prevents it from falling down the stairs
  • Does the cleaning for you 
  • Has a weekly schedule mode. With this, you can set the date and time when you want the ILife robot cleaner to operate, and it will do so without any help. This is perfect for when you’re not at home or are occupied

Cons of the ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1

  • Struggles cleaning when switching between surfaces
  • It has a small dust tank

What to Consider When Buying the Best Vacuum Steam Mop Combo

Before investing in a vacuum mop combo, you need to consider a few necessary features. Most Vacuum mop steamers have one or two unique aspects, but in most cases, they boast similar qualities. So check out the following factors before you start shopping.

Type of Cleaner

Currently, in the market, there are four different types of vacuum mop combos available—upright, cordless, handheld, and robotic

Like a traditional vacuum, an upright vacuum mop cleaner features a dirt tank, a handle, and a cleaning head, all in one unit. While heavy, these kinds offer the most power and are ideal for big homes and multipurpose cleaning.

You can also opt for either a cordless or corded vacuum. 

A cordless vacuum steamer is exactly as the name states—a vacuum mop without a cord. With this, you won’t rely on switches or be troubled by a cord. 

A handheld vacuum mop is often the favorite of most households; it’s portable, lightweight, easy to store, and ideal for spot cleaning. However, be warned that it’s not the best for cleaning large spaces because of their small size. 

A robot vacuum cleaner boasts automated, hands-free cleaning, perfect for people with busy routines. These robotic steamers are fun to use and save you time as they’re self-operational. They are, unfortunately, pricey and usually only suit bare and hard floors.

Suitable Surfaces 

Most vacuum mop combos are designed to operate on hard, sealed surfaces like bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom floors. These could be vinyl, hardwood, tile, marble, ceramic, etc. 

A few multipurpose options support both hard floors and carpeted areas. If your goal is to clean rugs and carpets too, look for a functional steam mop on both surfaces.

Note that these kinds of vacuum mops can only clean low-pile areas and should be kept away from heavy carpeting. 

A robot vacuum mop, as mentioned previously, can only clean hard surfaces. So in case certain parts of your home are carpeted, or you have rugs placed, stick a magnetic strip to prevent your robot from getting on them. 

Corded Vs Cordless

Corded vacuum mops may seem a futile purchase when there are cordless options available, however, don’t disregard them just yet. Corded vacuum steam mops are robust, have a long battery life, and have a large dirt canister attached to them.

These are the best options for heavy-duty deep cleaning when you want to clean your whole house.

However, corded vacuum mops are heavy and require alternating between outlets when going from room to room. This is where cordless vacuum mop combos shine, as you’ll never have to deal with these issues with them. 

The downside of cordless vacuum mop combos is that they’re small and have less battery time, which is why they’re not the best for cleaning large areas. 


The best vacuum steam mops on the market include a filtration system that removes harmful elements from the air and surfaces while cleaning.

This is an excellent option for people with allergies or with breathing problems. If this is a requirement for you, look for vacuum mop combos that have a HEPA filter to collect pollen, dust, mold, and other fine particles.

Get an allergen-free and clean home with a vacuum mop combo filter. 

Pet-Friendly Cleaner

If you own pets, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of steam vacuum and mop combos that look out for the needs of pet owners. These cleaners include a hair strainer, disposable pads, and a brush roll to clean pet hair and any messes your pet makes. 

For example, the Bissell Crosswave PetPro is an excellent option for those with pets. 

Battery Life

With a corded vacuum mop combo, you won’t have to worry about battery life. However, with cordless options, do check out the battery life to ensure non-stop cleaning without long charging breaks.


Before buying any steam vacuum and mop combo, make sure it comes with a year’s warranty at least. This is especially important for first-time buyers. In case of any damage, you’ll be able to get a free replacement.

Most of the steamers on this list come with the stand one-year warranty, except for Bissell options, which have a  two to three-year warranty period. Another reason why Bissell is my top choice!

Next Steps

It’s hard to say which of the vacuum steam mop combos is the best since everyone has different requirements.

But, for me, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless vacuum mop combo is the best fit as its multipurpose, of excellent quality, and has fantastic features.

However, don’t choose this just because it’s my preference. Go through the reviews above and outline your requirements before you decide on a vacuum steam mop. 

Either way, whichever option you go with, your cleaning journey is about to become easier and more fun!

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