Top 4 Best Upholstery Steam Cleaners 2021 (For Furniture, Sofa, Couches)

Have you ever wondered what invisible, microscopic things are lurking in your sofa? Reports say things like pet dander, food particles, germs, viruses, bacteria, molds and many other pathogens can be found in couches. This is why it is important to regularly clean your furniture to ensure that your family won’t be exposed to these harmful organisms.

On the other hand, many of us don’t know where and how to get started in cleaning. Is wiping the surface of the couch enough? Do we need to disinfect it to get rid of the micro-organisms?

Arguably the best way to clean your couch is through a steam cleaner. If you have a steam cleaner, you won’t have to second-guess yourself anymore when it comes to cleaning your couch. Steam cleaners are work horses when it comes to getting rid of long-standing stains, harmful pathogens and unwanted stench from your furniture.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner yet, now is the best time to get one. You might find it hard to narrow down your choices what with the many steam cleaner brands out there. But don’t worry because we took care of the hard part for you. We checked the market for some of the most reliable, most efficient and most useful steam cleaning machines that can help you accomplish this chore without putting in too much effort because who has time to scrub their furniture all day, right?

Our Top Furniture, Couch, Sofa Steam Cleaner Recommendations

We scrutinized the various brands and models out there and here are the clear winners:

  • Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner
  • Bissell 3624 SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner
  • Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Easy Steam Corded Handheld Steam Cleaner
  • Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Now let’s delve down to what makes them all great options.

1. Best Top-Range – Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Upholstery Steam Cleaner

This heavy-duty machine is highly recommended if you are cleaning deep-seated dirt and grime or you have a bigger house to maintain. It comes with 5 flex hoses that you can use for various cleaning purposes. It can be used to clean different parts of your house, not just your furniture. This even comes with 6 stain tools and deep cleaning formula. The inclusions make this machine worth every penny.

Deciding which is the best commercial carpet cleaner isn’t easy with so many excellent models to choose from, however overall we would recommend the Bissell Big Green as our top performer.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded , Black
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning solution to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt and more.
  • Provides a deep clean that leaves you with professional-style results.
  • Permanently removes tough messes and protects from future stains with the power of stain protect.


  • Compared to other steam cleaners in the market, it has a comparatively bigger tank. The tank capacity is ¾ gallons, which allows users to clean without stopping to fill up the tank once again. If you have a bigger house to clean, this machine will really come handy.
  • It is capable of cleaning different kinds of surfaces. You don’t have to worry that the machine will damage the fabric of your furniture. It has a suction and scrubbing mechanism that thoroughly removes dirt and grime without using harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • A lot of people like its cleaning function. Many of the owners of this machine have multiple pets and have children at home and they rave about this machine being able to clean pet dander and stains that have been there for years already.
  • There’s also a shorter drying time. Because the suction system seems to work better than competing steam cleaner brands, the upholstery or carpet dries faster. It gets rid of excess moisture more effectively.
  • No need to worry about the recovery tank getting all smelly. It’s easy to remove it and clean it thoroughly so that residues are not left behind.
  • You will also love how easy it is to store. It is more compact that competing brands, so you don’t have to worry about allotting a bigger space for storage.


  • One of its biggest issues is the hose design. There are many users who had issues with the handle breaking prematurely even when they weren’t handled roughly. It can cause water to leak. The users remedied it by putting a silicone tape but if you don’t like band-aid solutions like this, you might need to have it replaced through its warranty.
  • The length of the hose also puts off some users. Some people wished the hose length was longer, so they can leave the machine on the floor while cleaning the back of their couch.
  • Some also had issues with collected hair getting stuck in the tank. This design flaw causes small things like hair to pass through the hose and into the tank. You might have to stop and remove the clump to get it to work again.

2. Best Mid-Range – Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

We highly recommend this machine for those on a tight budget. It is not as expensive as other products but gets the job done, no matter what it is. Need to get rid of years of grime from your carpet? This is your ally. The dual tank technology also makes it so simple to keep the machine clean after use.

No other steam cleaner has a Self-Clean Technology like this one has — and it’s perfect for those who are too lazy to maintain their steam cleaners. If you want to know our top pick for the best upholstery cleaning machine, we would have to recommend the Hoover Spotless Portable as our number one for getting your upholstery stain-free.

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC, Red
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Achieve ultimate portability with this lightweight design to reach and remove stains virtually anywhere
  • CONVENIENT DEEP CLEAN: Spray, scrub, and remove anything from pet messes to everyday mishaps
  • LONGER REACH: Easily reach spots and stains on carpet, upholstery, stairs and more with the 5feet hose
  • SELF-CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Flushes the hose after each use to help remove dirt and bacteria
  • DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY: Keep clean and dirty water separate so you can easily fill, empty and rinse the tanks


  • A lot of people we surveyed raved about how easy this machine was to assemble. You won’t need an engineering degree to assemble the parts together, replace the attachments and get it to function.
  • Many found this extremely useful in picking up liquids from surfaces, not just furniture. If you have pets or kids who might have “accidents” on the couch or on the carpet, you will need this to clean up. No more mopping or using a rug to blot away the stain and excess liquid.
  • Your couch will end up looking like new. This is a common testimonial we hear from people who bought this product. Even if you shampoo and scrub your couch manually, you won’t get the same results that this machine can bring.
  • It is also worth mentioning that it has a powerful suction system. Many people noticed that it does its work in sucking pet dander that vacuum cleaners tend to miss.
  • The nozzle also sprays on a wider surface area. It might be a little tricky to operate or control it at first but once you learn how to squeeze the nozzle gently to control how much water goes out, you shouldn’t have any issues with it.
  • The best part that people kept mentioning was how easy this machine was to clean after you are done using it. It has an attachment where you can easily remove the cover and reach the suction area with ease. Many people also commented that this machine doesn’t smell moldy or musty like many other steam cleaners out there.


  • Although the cord already has a substantial length, some users felt like it could have been longer. If you are cleaning a fairly big couch, you might have to switch to another outlet to reach a less accessible part of the couch.
  • If you have a high back couch, you might have to lift the entire machine to reach the area of the couch. The hose might not be long enough to get that job done with the machine staying on the floor. But since it is light in weight and portable, this shouldn’t be too much trouble for most people. Those who have issues lifting objects such as those recovering from injuries might have a problem with it though.
  • There are some complaints about the sprayer not working after a few months of use. You can get a replacement but if you don’t like to be inconvenienced about not being able to use your machine until the new sprayer arrives, you might not find this ideal.
  • Some had issues finding a Hoover service facility in their area. They had to ship the machine to the main service area, which they had to pay out of pocket.

3. Steamfast SF-370WH — Best multi-purpose steam cleaner for couches, furniture & upholstery

This mid-range cleaner is one of the best if you have a big couch or furniture that needs to be cleaned continuously, you will love this steam cleaner with its large water reservoir. It’s ideal for those who don’t have too much time to clean. It produces steam on demand, so you can pause to catch your breath and not have to worry about dripping water. It comes with 15 accessories that can be used for different surfaces.

Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner with 15 Accessories-All-Natural, Chemical-Free Pressurized Steam Cleaning for Most Floors, Counters, Appliances, Windows, Autos, and More, 64 inches, White
  • MAXIMUM PORTABILITY — Designed for ease of use with a 15-foot power cord with integrated cord wrap, wheels, carrying handle, and a 6. 5-foot hose that provides added reach for those hard to get to places
  • 15 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES — Equipped for steam cleaning jobs in and around your home including mop pads, utility brushes, jet nozzle, squeegee, scrub tools, fill cup, and more
  • LARGE CAPACITY TANK — The 48-ounce water tank heats up in 8 minutes and provides up to 45 minutes of steam
  • CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING — Naturally deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals using hot, pressured steam to eliminate grease, grime, and stains from a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile, grout, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, appliances, grills, autos, and more
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — When you choose a Steamfast product, you’re investing in superior performance and design that will deliver total satisfaction. If not, we’ll replace it, for 2 years. Supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS


  • No more pausing to refill the tank and re-heat it! The 45-ounce water tank should be enough to thoroughly clean your couch. That means you get to have 45 minutes of steam power.
  • It has a locking mechanism. If you get a call in the middle of cleaning your furniture, you can lock it even while it’s still turned on, so it doesn’t spew steam. If you get hand fatigue using the machine, you can take a few minutes of rest without turning the machine off completely.
  • It comes with a host of accessories and attachments, making this such a versatile machine with functions that go beyond cleaning your couch. You can also use it to clean sealed flooring such as laminate, wood and tile.
  • There are some consumers that recommended this for bed bugs. If you have furniture that is infested by bed bugs, you can use this to get rid of these pests without the use of chemicals or pesticides.
  • It is easy to use. The handle doesn’t get hot, so you don’t have to worry about using gloves while handling it.
  • It gets the job done well. If you have a couch that has been subjected to years and years of abuse, you will find this machine effective in cleaning and refreshing your couch.
  • The over-all build seems pretty sturdy. There are no parts that feel flimsy. It’s made of plastic, but it has a more solid feel to it than other similar cleaners.
  • The cord is also long. It’s not difficult to reach all the parts of the couch.


  • Some users commented how noisy this machine can get. If you are working in a smaller space, you will most likely notice how loud it can get.
  • The hose is not detachable. However, you can tuck it at the back of the machine. There is a slot for it, so it isn’t in the way when storing it. However, if you have a small storage space, you might find this cumbersome.
  • Some of the attachments didn’t hold up well against abuse according to some consumers. The micro fiber pad, for instance, started showing signs of wear and tear even after just a few uses.

4. Dirt Devil Easy Steam Corded Handheld Upholstery Steam Cleaner

This mid-range steam cleaner is the best for all those tight corners, nooks and crannies. If you can’t reach it with your standard steam cleaner or cloth cleaner, this one just might. Despite its compact design, it is a powerful machine, capable of spraying hot steam. This is accompanied by strong water pressure to get those stains and dirt out. It’s perfect for spot treatments but definitely not for more intensive cleaning.

Dirt Devil PD20005 Easy Steam Handheld Steamer
  • Powerful, safe high pressure cuts through any mess needing to be cleaned
  • Easy to use and light weight. Hose Type - Blow Molded
  • Jet tip extension
  • Steam Pad and squeegee attachments
  • Includes: wire grill brush, fabric tool, window squeegee, flexible hose and fill cup


  • It heats up quickly. You don’t have to sit there for a long time, waiting for the water to heat up and begin producing steam.
  • A lot of people like using this not just for their furniture but also for cleaning their bathroom and windows. It gets rid of dirt and grime in those small corners and spaces. If there’s a small cleaning job that doesn’t warrant taking out the full-sized steam cleaner, this would be a handy alternative.
  • Its sanitizing function is reliable as well. It gets tough grime out and it takes with it all those nasty germs and viruses lurking in your furniture. And because it reaches those crevices easily, you will have an easier time thoroughly cleaning your furniture – no missed areas!
  • People also commend this product for being able to effectively clean glass surfaces like mirrors and windows. When you are done cleaning your furniture, use this to clean your windows and mirrors as well.
  • It is portable. It looks like a kettle, so you can easily direct the nozzle on the surfaces you want to clean. It’s not cumbersome to use as it isn’t heavy.


  • Be careful not to burn yourself. The steam is really hot and since you have to direct the nozzle manually, there’s a chance you will scald yourself if you are not paying attention.
  • Many people don’t like how short the hose is. It’s also not as flexible as other steam cleaners so you will most likely have to carry the entire machine to clean all the surfaces of your couch.
  • The steam it produces doesn’t last long. If you are looking for a machine that can clean more surfaces in one go, this isn’t for you. This is intended more for smaller cleaning jobs such as getting rid of small stains on couch. If you need it to do bigger cleaning jobs, you might have to refill the tank more often and wait for the water to be heated again.
  • The terry cloth sleeve that comes with it tends to get grimy easily.
  • Many think it works in loosening up dirt but not in completely picking them up. You will still need to wipe the surface with a clean towel.
  • Some also complained about the parts being so flimsy, it doesn’t last as long as they expected it to.


So, which of these do you think would work for your furniture cleaning needs?

We highly recommend the Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner and the Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner if you are looking for heavy-duty steam cleaners that you can use to clean extremely dirty furniture. They are a great value for your money because they have multiple purposes. You clean more than just your dirty couch. They also provide the best cleaning powers, making sure to get rid of those stains and grime that have been on your couch for a long time. You can also be assured that those unwanted bacteria and germs will be eradicated with the steam cleaning powers of these machines.

The Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner is a pro as well when it comes to cleaning years’ worth of dirt on your couch. It can be used as a spot cleaner if you only need to treat a small area of your furniture. It doesn’t have too many issues and has a good manufacturing company that will back you up if you experience problems.

We recommend the Dirt Devil Steam Cleaner Easy Steam Corded Handheld Steam Cleaner for those small furniture cleaning needs. It’s not as powerful as the other steam cleaners but it gets smaller jobs done. If you have fairly clean furniture and you just need something to keep it looking clean and fresh for a longer period of time, this is a good steam cleaner to get. If you already have a full-sized steam cleaner, you might also want to get this as a second steam cleaner as it is a lot more portable to use for those tight spaces.

Assess your needs first. If you have kids and pets at home, you will most likely need a more powerful steam cleaning machine. If not and you have a comparatively clean couch, something smaller and more portable should serve you well.

What’s Next

Now that you’ve read our complete guide to the best upholstery cleaning machines, we hope you’ve seen one or two models that could suit your needs handily! If so, perfect! All you have to do is click on the links in our reviews to learn more about any of the models we’ve recommended and to check current prices. Visit to find more buying guides, reviews and recommendations from your steam cleaning experts!

Update: Thanks to your tremendous feedback we’ve recently decided by popular demand to expand our testing to other automated cleaning solutions and review all of the top robotic window cleaners on the market currently. We’ve thoroughly tested all the major brands and review the pros and cons of each unit. A couple come out streets ahead of the competition and as of the last few years these automated window cleaners have come down in price significantly so that they are now within reach of the average consumer. If you’re considering an automatic solution for your windows, or are just curious to see how they perform, check out our reviews!