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How to Maintain Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are a great investment but need to be maintained well for proper function and efficiency. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, it is very simple and easy. However, the means of maintenance of the steam cleaners vary with many factors including the size of the steam cleaner, the model and many more factors.

The maintenance guidelines for the steam cleaners mostly involve care especially when cleaning and removal of the scales. For the cleaning tips, the factors to be put into considerations include:

  • Cleaning of the steam cleaners

The inside of the steam cleaners should always be maintained clean and hygienic. For this to be effective, all the clothes used for the cleaning including the towels and bonnets should always be washed before they are put into use. This should be done without the use of a fabric conditioner. Hot water should also be used to ensure that they are germ and bacteria free.

  • Caring for the steam mop

After use, a lot of debris usually collect on top of the steam mop. Care should always be taken so that the debris are not allowed to accumulate in large amounts which might lead to blockage. They should always be removed by draining the tanks after each use.

  • Allowing the steam mop to dry after being drained

This should be done before the steam cleaner is restored and stored for later usage. For the draining of the steam mop, it should be done often, but not daily. An interval of 2 to 4 weeks will do good.

  • Removal of the scales

All devices that use water are prone to formation of scales because of the mineral salts contained in water. The steam cleaners are not an exception as formation of scales is a common occurrence. They should always be removed to prevent them from clogging the steam cleaners. A solution of baking soda mixed with water can serve the purpose well.

Care should be taken not to put anything else in the steam cleaners apart from water such as chemicals. This may cause contamination of the water when put in use which might be harmful to the users.

  • Leaving the steam cleaner to cool before embarking on maintenance

The machines are normally used at very high temperatures approximately maximum of 200 degrees Celsius. Care should be taken when maintenance is done such that it is left to cool so as to prevent the user from being burned and also sudden temperature changes always make the steam cleaners prone to damage hence should be used after it has cooled off completely.

  • Removal of the lime scale

To ensure that the efficiency of the steam cleaner is always high, a lime scale remover is recommended for use in removing the lime scales which usually reduce the efficiency of the steam cleaners.

The steam cleaner is a very purposeful machine and a lot of effort should be put forward to ensure that it is always in the right functionality. The listed tips will be very effective once put into use and will guarantee best results.

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