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Does Steam Cleaning Really Disinfect As Well As A Sanitizer? Find Out How It Works!

At one time, elbow grease and harsh chemicals were the only way to get your home hygienically clean, however these days there is a convenient alternative that will save you a lot of time and effort. A steam cleaner is one of the best ways to make the task of sanitizing your home a breeze, and represents a simple, user-friendly solution to getting your surfaces spotless and free from germs.

If you have heard a lot about the benefits of using a steam cleaner to clean every part of your home but don’t know where to start to begin sanitizing your surfaces, don’t worry! In this helpful guide, you can find out more about how to effectively use vapor to kill bacteria, mold and viruses in your house and to find out which kind of steam cleaner you should buy to get the best possible results.

How Well Does Steam Really Disinfect?

Steam cleaning is capable of killing 99.9% of dust mites, germs and bacteria including such dangerous germs as salmonella, staph bacteria and E. coli. That’s as effective as any chemical solution on the market today!

It can also eradicate mold, micro-organisms and viruses around your home for a healthier environment. Water must be heated up to 175 degrees in order to effectively disinfect and sanitize surfaces, and a steam cleaner will heat water to at least 212 degrees to kill all of the above in seconds.

As an added advantage, steam doesn’t just disinfect, it cleans too, removing dirt, loosening stains and powering through grime and grease with minimal effort. You won’t have to scrub any more when you invest in a steam cleaner, and they can even be used to remove odors from mattresses, upholstery and carpets, to ensure your home is not just clean but also smells fresh too.

Why Use A Steam Sanitizer To Clean Your Home?

Steam Is Non-Toxic

Apart from the fact that a steam sanitizer can kill bacteria and dust mites, it also ensures a chemical free clean, removing any concerns about potential health problems which could be caused by chemical gases and residues in traditional cleaning products. Steam cleaning requires no detergents or chemicals for the ultimate in safety for all the family.

It is also a very versatile way to clean both soft and hard surfaces. It can clean every part of your home from the floor up to the ceiling, including sealed hard floors made from vinyl, laminates, stone, tile or hardwood. It can also clean your toilet, your countertops, stove top and oven, pet bedding, upholstery, mattresses, kids’ toys, pantry shelves, laundry area and refrigerator.

As one more added advantage, it is very cheap to use, since after the initial outlay for the steam cleaner itself, it requires no further expenditure on disinfectant or cleaning products. It is also environmentally friendly, since it only uses water and produces no harmful gases or toxic residues which could be released into the air or water supply. The cleaning pads can usually also be washed time and again so there are no cloths or sponges to throw away over time.

It’s Ideal For Allergy Sufferers

If you, or any of your family, suffer from allergies or respiratory problems like asthma, a steam cleaner is an ideal solution. Dust mites are common in our homes and their waste is the second highest cause of allergic reactions. Steam cleaners can remove these pests permanently for less nasal discomfort, itchy eyes or breathing difficulties.

It Helps With Pest Eradication

If you are a pet owner, you will probably have suffered from flea infestations over time. A steam cleaner is capable of killing fleas at every stage of their life cycle from eggs to adults so you can have a pest free home. As they can also easily fit into tricky to reach areas under furniture, in cracks and crevices and in corners, they are an easy way of ensuring that the flea life cycle is disrupted. They also remove unwanted pet odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean without needing to use any chemicals.

It’s One Of The Only Ways To Sanitize Your Soft Furnishings

Steam is a great practical way to get a deep clean all over your home including in your soft furnishings. Rugs, carpets, human and pet bedding, curtains and soft furnishings are all full of dust, dust mites and allergens which can be released every time you sit down or walk over them and which can cause a host of medical problems. A steam cleaner can eradicate this problem, killing all microorganisms and any pests that happen to be infesting your home for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for all your family.

Steam is ideal for use on soft furnishings because its penetrative power can be used in places where chemical disinfectants cannot be used. While you are unable to use cleaning and pesticidal products on bedding and other areas which are within close human contact, you can easily use steam without any detrimental health effects.

It’s Super User-Friendly

Steam cleaners are incredibly easy to use, making them an ideal choice for around your home. They are also very quick to use, ensuring that your home will be clean and hygienic in a fraction of the time it would take using a manual cleaning method. A mop takes around 15 seconds to clean a single spot, whereas a steam cleaner canister system only takes a second to achieve the same level of cleanliness.

This makes a steam cleaner the ideal choice for anyone who wants to save time on their cleaning regime, and who wants to choose the easiest possible method by which they can make their home sanitized.

Choosing The Right Steam Cleaner

If you’re ready to choose the right steam cleaner to sanitize your home, you should visit our guide to complete steam cleaning systems! This guide will help you to find out more about finding the right canister steam cleaner to meet your needs so that you can get your home sparkling clean and free from allergens, pests and bacteria in no time.