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Kitchen Steam Cleaner Magic! Tricks And Tips For Sanitary Food Surfaces & More!

Most people dread the many cleaning jobs that they have to tackle every week, however when it comes to the most hated tasks, cleaning the kitchen often tops the list.

Cleaning the kitchen is often one of the least pleasant jobs in your home, since it can be hard work using just elbow grease to get countertops, ovens and sinks sparkling and bright.

As an added problem, when you clean the kitchen, you have to take extra care to make sure that all bacteria has been removed from counter tops and other food preparation surfaces to make sure that nobody’s health with be compromised.  

Luckily, there is one solution that will make light work of your daily chores and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your kitchen is fully sanitized and safe to use – a steam cleaner.

A kitchen steam cleaner will make sure all of your cleaning tasks are done in half the regular time.

With no need for any chemicals or excessive effort, steam can sanitize your kitchen surfaces just as well as bleach but in a much healthier and more effective way.

There’ll be no more harmful residues left on your food preparation surfaces, and everything from your cabinetry to your appliances will be spotless with considerably less effort.

Here, we look at how to use a steam cleaner to clean all the different parts of your kitchen, and how to choose the right model to suit your needs so that you too can enjoy the benefits.

Why Use A Steam Cleaner To Clean Your Kitchen?

Steam cleaners make the task of cleaning your kitchen quicker and easier than ever before.

The greatest benefit is that steam can kill harmful bacteria – especially important in any food preparation area.

As steam also leaves no residues on your surfaces, unlike chemical and bleach cleaners which could potentially leave toxic substances that could get onto your family’s hands and the food that they will eat, it is a safer choice for everyone.

Steam cleaners will also save you money in the long run over buying lots of different cleaning products to get every part of your kitchen clean – there’ll be no more buying separate oven cleaners, floor cleaners and anti-bacterial sprays.

As steam cleaners are also user-friendly and produce fast results, you’ll find your kitchen is looking perfect and is completely hygienic in no time at all.

Which Parts Of My Kitchen Can I Clean With A Steam Cleaner?

The answer to this is, quite simply, all of it!

A steam cleaner is versatile enough to be used on the sink area, cabinets, work surfaces, tiled floors, tiled walls, ovens and other appliances for a quick and easy way to clean up even sticky and difficult to remove messes without the need for scrubbing and countless different detergents and chemical products.

Tile & Grout

Simply attach the small nylon brush attachment to the steam gun and steam the whole tiling area while gently scrubbing away the released dirt.

If there are any hard to remove patches, simply use a scraper to clean them away. Most units come with a grout attachment and a high-pressure function to clean deeply between tiles.

Sink & Faucet

Your steam cleaner can be used all around the sink and faucet area to sanitize and remove messes, simply wiping with a sponge afterwards to remove grime.


From fridges to dishwashers, you can use a steam cleaner on the front of the appliance and then rub down with a soft towel to remove marks and streaks. Steam will not only sanitize high-traffic areas, it will also remove years of staining on white surfaces.

Oven & Stovetop

You can make light work of cleaning stove tops and dirty ovens by using a steam cleaner and then scraping off any burned on food.

Wipe away with a cloth and then repeat as necessary until the appliance is sparkling. This is a great solution for inside the oven, where messes are particular hard to remove.

Food Surfaces

You can use a steam cleaner to clean and sanitize your counter tops and other food preparation areas to make sure that no bacteria remains that could cause you and your family to become ill.

As steam cleaners are food safe, leave no residue, can be used anywhere and break down grease rapidly, they are the ideal way to make sure your counters are ready for use.

Choosing The Right Steam Cleaner For You

If you are convinced about the benefits of using a kitchen steam cleaner, you will need to know how to go about choosing the right model for you.

This will depend on your individual kitchen, your personal preferences and the areas of your kitchen which you would like to clean using steam.

Steam mops represent the best way of cleaning a tile floor, but they cannot be used on other areas of the kitchen such as faucets or appliances.

This means that if you are determined to save time and effort by cleaning every single part of your kitchen with a steam cleaner, you should definitely consider buying either a steam mop for your floor plus a handheld model for use on other areas, or a full canister system to do everything.

Why Choose A Handheld Steam Cleaner And A Steam Mop?

Steam mops are low cost and are very simple to use. Although they can only be used for cleaning tiled and hard floors, they are designed to make the job very quick and simple.

When paired with a handheld steam cleaner, they are a great way to accomplish all of the key tasks. A handheld model is small enough to lift up to clean upper cabinetry and hidden corners, and to reach into tricky to access locations.

Both handhelds and steam mops are affordable and represent a great combined solution.

The Benefits Of A Full Canister System For Your Kitchen

A full canister system may be more expensive, however it is considerably more versatile, especially when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your entire kitchen, and is a more convenient solution rather than buying two separate devices.

As a canister system comes complete with a range of different attachments, it can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces including countertops, floors, walls and sinks.

Powerful and easy to use, full canister systems give you the flexibility to clean even hard-to-reach locations by simply switching attachments, saving you money and time.

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