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Steam Cleaner Uses You Haven’t Thought Of: How To Use Yours Like A Pro!

If you thought that a steam cleaner was just for cleaning your hardwood floors, you’re bound to be surprised by the amazing things that one can do. There are some great uses for steam cleaners that you may not have realized were possible, yet they are capable of effectively sanitizing your home, killing dust mites and tackling tough messes all around the house.

If you are looking for the best advice on how to use a steam cleaner, or information about the many unusual uses for one around your house, this simple guide will let you know about the different steam cleaner uses, and how to choose the right model to carry out different tasks around your property.

Some Unusual Uses For A Steam Cleaner

While everyone knows that you can use a steam cleaner to get grime and dirt off your hard floors, there are a number of steam cleaner uses which you may never have heard of before. Some of the best include:

  • Cleaning tiles and grout
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Disinfecting door knobs and light switches
  • Cleaning grills
  • Cleaning patio furnishings
  • Cleaning and disinfecting pet cages
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Cleaning tire rims and car engines
  • Dusting baseboards
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • Removing limescale and hard water from the faucet
  • Steaming wrinkles from clothes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toys
  • Cleaning mattresses
  • Cleaning baby equipment like high chairs and strollers
  • Cleaning car upholstery
  • Cleaning inside appliances like dishwashers and washing machines
  • Disinfecting and cleaning garbage cans
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Removing wrinkles and cleaning curtains
  • Removing debris from creases, cracks and corners
  • Cleaning windows
  • Defrosting the freezer
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Cleaning the oven
  • Dusting fake plants
  • Cleaning rugs and carpets
  • Cleaning garden tools
  • Cleaning ice dispensers
  • Disinfecting and cleaning pet beds

Why Use A Steam Cleaner?

As you can see, there are countless uses for a steam cleaner that goes far beyond using it to clean the floors of your property. Steam cleaners are practical and easy to use, and can clean, sanitize and neutralize allergens from all of the surfaces in your home. Whether you suffer from allergies or whether you just want to be certain that your property is hygienically clean with no chance of bacteria and viruses on your surfaces, a steam cleaner is the way to go.

If you needed any more convincing about why a steam cleaner is the right tool for the job, here are just some of the reasons for using one:

A Chemical Free Clean

Steam cleaners only require heat and water to clean and sanitize your home. That means that they are an eco-friendly choice. You won’t be spraying potentially harmful chemicals around your house and there will be no residues around you property to cause harm to pets or children who live with you. There will also be no chemicals washed down your drain to be recycled into the water supply.

Thorough Cleaning

When you use a steam cleaner, you’ll find that steam can deodorize your surfaces to remove debris much more quickly and thoroughly than any traditional cleaning method. This will make a thorough cleaning job much simpler and quicker to achieve.

It’s Cheaper In The Long Run

Cleaning supplies can be expensive, however when you use a steam cleaner, once you’ve paid for the tool itself you won’t have to invest any more money in surface cleansers, rubber gloves, solvents or detergents.

Getting Rid Of Bacteria Is Easy

Mold spores, viruses and bacteria may not be seen with the naked eye, however they can be extremely hazardous and can cause a host of conditions such as infections, allergies and irritations. The hot molecules of vapor from a steam cleaner can penetrate into the surface’s pores then expand to force out all of the bacteria, debris and turn to the surface. All types of bacteria and germs are removed including salmonella and E-Coli, two of the most dangerous types, for better health.

So Is Controlling And Killing Allergens

Dust and dust mites are all over our home, and can cause serious allergic reactions like itching eyes, sneezing and breathing problems. Steam cleaners can kill dust mites and eliminate allergens for a healthier living environment.

You Can Even Eradicate Pests

If you have pets, you’ll know the misery of dealing with fleas and parasites. However, a steam cleaner is able to kill both flea eggs and adult fleas, disrupting their life cycle and eradicating them for good.

Choosing The Right Steam Cleaner For Your Home

If you are ready to choose the right steamer for your home, you first need to decide the type of steamer that would best suit your needs. Some steamers are best for cleaning your floors, while others are better at tackling above level small tasks. Other types are multi-functional and are suitable for accomplishing every type of cleaning chore around your home, from the biggest to the smallest jobs.

If you are primarily interested in cleaning your home’s floors, you should check out our guide to the best steam cleaners for floors. Here, you’ll find advice about the best models of floor steam mop for your home, and find out the pros and cons of choosing each one.

If you’re especially interested in finding out more about smaller handheld steam cleaners which are perfect for tackling smaller jobs and those which are above ground level, such as cleaning coving, pelmets and ceiling corners, you should visit our in-depth guide to the best handheld steam cleaners, where you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed choice.

However, if you would prefer to invest in a steam cleaner that can accomplish a wide range of tasks, a canister system is the right option for you. We’ve compiled extensive reviews of the best canister steam cleaners which will ensure your home stays sparkling from top to bottom!

Once you’ve made your decision, you’re sure to find that your steam cleaner is an indispensable tool around your home, keeping it pest free, allergen free and germ free for a healthier and hygienic lifestyle.