Steam Cleaners For Showers & Bathrooms: Deep Clean Bathrooms Fast! It’s Easy With Steam

Cleaning the bathroom is always a pain. Nobody enjoys having to get out a cloth and cleaning products and using elbow grease to get rid of the soap scum, stains and grime that seems to cover all of your fixtures and fittings.

However, there is now an easier and more efficient solution that you can take advantage of. There is a simple way to clean all the surfaces of your bathroom without needing to use any chemical cleaning products at all – a steam cleaner!

When it comes to a deep clean bathroom environments are usually scrubbed by hand, using chemicals and bleaches. However, steam represents a better and safer way, and is proven to sanitize just as effectively as any chemical solution.

A healthier choice for everyone, it is also the cost effective option since it means no more buying any expensive cleaning supplies. It is also an eco-friendly choice, since no cleaning chemicals will be released into the atmosphere or washed down into the water supply through the drains.

If you want to know more about how to use a steam cleaner to clean your bathroom, read on and find out about the best models to use, the kind of tasks you can accomplish and the chores which you won’t be able to use steam for.

Why Use A Steam Cleaner In Your Bathroom?

Steam cleaning is a chemical-free, effective choice for cleaning your bathroom. Thanks to its pressurized stream of hot vapor, it can handle difficult jobs all around the space in a cost efficient, effective way.

Some of the jobs that it can accomplish include:

Cleaning Tiles

Tiled walls and floors in bathrooms can see plenty of mildew and mold forming which can be hazardous to health as well as unattractive to look at. While tiles are impermeable to liquids, the grout that lies between them is not as sturdy and the gunk which, over time, embeds into its pores hardens and becomes hard to clean using traditional techniques. Even using brushes and chemicals may not get the job done. A steam cleaner is the ideal solution and will get grouting and tiles looking great.

Exhaust Fan Vents

You can use a canister steamer with a hose extension or a handheld model to reach exhaust fan vents, removing pet hair, lint and other debris.

Glass And Blinds

You can steam clean your bathroom blinds, windows, shower panels and mirrors using steam in the same way as you would clean a wall fixture or ceiling. A canister or handheld model can do the job effectively.

Light Fixtures

By using a canister with a hose extension or a handheld steamer, you can clean the lights in your bathroom efficiently.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are often very creased when they are taken out of their packaging, however a portable cleaner can smoothen them out effectively, whether it is made from plastic or fabric. A steam unit will also remove the soap scum and mold which can build up on shower curtains to make them look as good as new.

Countertops And Sinks

Hard water deposits and limescale distresses counters and sinks, leaving a grimy coating on the fixtures and brown spots around drains. You can use a steamer to clean the whole sink area and get it sparkling bright.

Bath Tubs & Shower Stalls

A steamer can dissolve hard water stains and soap scum, and can restore the shine to your fixtures, doors and screens.


Calcium and limescale builds up on toilets, causing urine waste being crystallized into a brown coating which is hard to remove. A steamer assists to remove these messes and makes your toilet look as good as new around its exterior.

Linoleum & Vinyl Flooring

A mop attachment on a steam cleaner can sanitize and mop your vinyl or laminate flooring effectively, while a steam mop can also do the job efficiently.

What Can A Steam Cleaner Not Do?

Although a steam cleaner can accomplish most jobs around the bathroom, there are a few things that it cannot do.

It cannot unblock a clogged toilet or drain, and cannot be used inside a toilet bowl.  

A steam cleaner also cannot be used on any surface which has been painted with water-based paint, and no thin plastics, delicate fabrics, paper products or electronic items should be steam cleaned since this could cause damage.

What To Look For In A Steam Cleaner For Your Bathroom

When choosing a steam cleaner for your bathroom, you will need to look for a few different features that will make the job easier. These include:

  • A large nozzle
  • High pressurized steam
  • A larger tank volume
  • On demand control
  • An extended electrical cord and hose
  • An affordable price

If you are looking for a steam cleaner that is only for your tiled or vinyl bathroom floors, you should consider investing in a steam mop. This is the best choice of model to handle this simple task since steam mops have been designed specifically to get into tight corners and to clean flooring efficiently.

However, if you are looking for a steam cleaner that will accomplish a broad spectrum of tasks around your bathroom, from cleaning your light fittings and fan vents to your shower stall and faucets, a canister model is the best choice since it comes complete with a range of attachments and offers the versatility you need to get a range of jobs done.

Once you have found the right steam system to use in your bathroom, you are sure to see the difference and have a much better experience. Rather than having to scrub grime away, you’ll appreciate the advantage of simply being able to pass a steam unit over your surfaces to get rid of all the dirt, bacteria and grime, and your bathroom will not only look sparkling clean, but it will also be much more hygienic and germ-free for a healthier environment.